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August 23, 2022


Dr. Elizabeth Rex

Outstanding! A must watch!
Bishop Barron's short and compelling presentation debunks the false arguments frequently used by Catholic politicians to publicly promote and support legal abortion until the moment of birth.
Thank you, LifeNet, once again, for bringing very important information to your subscribers!

Peter Paul Lepre

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ... Bishop Barron is not proclaiming the full argument by not voicing the strength of the teaching of Catholic Dogma and Doctrine... The moral law is the right argument alone, which he argues beautifully yet it supports Church Teaching 100% and must be argued together and shown and argued in that light... Example, Thou Shall Not Kill... This is the 3rd Commandment and the Law ... In Christ's Love, Peter Lepre, Envoy For Mercy(MIC)

Peter Paul Lepre

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, in seeing this e-mail again I noticed my mistake... The 5th Commandment is Thou Shall Not Kill, not the 3rd... Thank you, Peter Lepre, Envoy For Mercy(MIC)

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