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July 17, 2022


Peter Paul Lepre

May all the U.S. Bishops collectively embrace the courageous words and actions of Bishop Byrne and follow suite in word and deed... As the Bishop clearly states the Supreme Court action is a first step to ending this Holocaust of abortion which is purely a tactic of evil... Yet everything is possible with God, let us run to His Love and Mercy through the arms of Our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph and ''Be Not Afraid ''

Dr. Elizabeth Rex

In 1972, 50 years ago, during my senior year of college at Barnard College, US Senator James Buckley rallied the citizens of New York State to vote in a referendum to overturn New York's infamous legalization of abortion. New Yorkers marched through Central Park and, together, we rallied and successfully voted to repeal New York's first abortion law! Tragically, a single politician, Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller, vetoed the will of the People of New York and kept abortion legal in New York. The following year, Roe v Wade happened, but now Roe is no more!
WE the People of New York need to work and pray and elect a pro-life Governor of New York this November! We will never give up!
Thank you, Bishop Peter Byrne, for all that you have done for the least of our brethren - and for the pro-life movement - all these years in New York State!

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