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July 06, 2022


Joy Dechiario

God bless you for saying the truth! You speak for all who value Life, the Life of the mother and of the child!! Our young People have been fed lies. We cannot give up on them. Also young men must realize their responsibility in this tragedy.
Thank you!

Peter Paul Lepre

Women & girls have been and are still being told a pack of lies... Thank God Chris and so many Pregnancy Care Centers and Homes across the country have battled and are battling back against the lie, abortion is not health care... That Good Counsel Homes and Pregnancy Care Centers like Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Care Centers are truly on the Front lines and helping save babies, Mothers and families everyday... So as Chris Bell is saying Senator Warren come to my Homes: and I'll add go to a Pregnancy Center and witness God's Love and Mercy in action... Thank you Peter Lepre

Dr. Elizabeth Rex

Chris Bell's Good Counsel Maternity Homes are a shining light of hope for pregnant women who have no where to go when they have been rejected by their families and friends because they refuse to abort their unborn child. Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Maternity Homes provide much needed counseling and assistance and these heroes need our prayers and financial support! Contact your local CPC and ask how you can help. Choose Life License Plates in 30+ states have raised over $28 million dollars to help support their life-saving efforts. Go to www.choose-life.org and get a Choose Life License Plate for all your cars. It's something everyone can do to help women "choose life" and consider all of their "pro-life choices" including adoption and the anonymous safe haven option.

tom faranda

Wonderful op ed Chris. All so true.

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