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June 09, 2022


Peter Paul Lepre

Dear Cardinal Dolan, this has to be heralded in our Catholic Churches at every Holy Mass... Every Bishop in America and the world has to inform and deny firmly and with compassion Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist to every Catholic politician who promotes abortion... Please step up to the plate and do what Our Lord demands of you and know Souls are at risk of going to Hell... In Christ's Love, Peter Lepre

catherine Adago

Almost every day children are shot on our streets and even in their homes in this city. We have gun laws on the books that are not enforced. We have a D.A. that will not charge criminals if a loaded gun is carried but not used at the scene of a crime. Some legal gun restriction is necessary but for God's sake stop ignoring punishment for the criminals who shoot and kill on our streets.

Keith Anderson  Philipstown Conservative Party Chairman

Believe it or not Cardinal, most times Government is not the answer and only exacerbates the problem.

Catherine Adago above speaks the truth. The new restrictive legislation by the likes of Albany politicians to create greater encroaches to liberty are often targeting the wrong people and will do more to get people killed, because those who want to do the killing often have no interest in obedience to law. What we do find is that law abiding citizens become further restricted from exercising their liberties and are not available or in the proper place to intervene in these incidents. For instance, two or three legally armed customers in that Buffalo supermarket may have changed the entire dynamic. Like Buffalo, nearly every city throughout the US, has superfluous gun laws that largely keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding people.

Note, that there was no buttressing of the Mental Health Laws in NY to perhaps find better ways of identifying people with severe mental illness who might be inclined to commit these atrocities.
Furthermore, there are no buttresses to Laws involving Family Law or removing No Fault Divorce where fathers are driven from roughly 50% of homes and children are left wanting for male guidance at times when they are most vulnerable to the pitfalls of idiotic culture.
One more for good measure, is exactly the abortion problem you identified. We know abortion stems largely from John Paul IIs observations about people not giving sex its proper deference. Largely sex outside of marriage has led to the inevitable subjugation of women. Abortion, pornography, casual sex and as a result the de facto removal of male roles as protectors. All of this is complicated further by the new idea of finding identity in whatever sexual perversion you may embrace and how much attention you can direct to yourself on Tik Tok. This seems to have lead mental health through a brand new path in the sewer lines and now there are mental health experts embracing the idea of transitioning minors.
Largely, I believe you can see the grand theme, that we are violating the all-time human issue of wanting to be God and somehow having the hubris to believe the secular religion of the tower we are building will get us to heaven, but as you know it will not. Perhaps this is a good start for where we can focus our concentration.
So Cardinal, perhaps you can water it down to two quick things and say what you think your audience wants to hear, but I believe, and I think you know too that the problem is much deeper and speaks to a many pronged approach.
We have tried to slap bandages on the problem and created all sorts of gun laws, yet these shootings still occur and shootings are worst in the areas where gun laws are the most strict like LA and Chicago, where people are shot by the score every weekend. So my final thought, just because a gun is involved it certainly does not mean that should be our primary focus. There is a lot more going on than the gun which is only a convenient victim of human hubris.

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