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July 25, 2021


Alicia Boland

I have had the honor of praying the Mass and
the Rosary in peaceful protest with Fr. Fidelis at the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood,
and it is a very powerful and important experience.

tom faranda

that's great Alicia. And Fr. Fidelis is a great priest.

pamela Menera

Fr Fidelis is "my heart"...and the "heart" of so many others who walk the Via Dolorosa each day. We each carry the burden of our own sins, but he carries that heavy cross for us. I often reflect on the significance of the Eighth Station of the Cross, when Jesus tells the Weeping Women of Jerusalem to not weep for Him, but weep for yourselves, because the days are coming when women will yearn for their wombs to be barren, and their breasts to be empty of milk. How prophetic , how relevant, not only in the context of Jesus time on earth , but transcending through time, to today's culture...Fr Fidelis is an inspiration and example to us all, to always be mindful of the immeasurable sacrifice at the Cross that was made for us because of Christ's great love, and we must bring that light into the darkness. God Bless You, Fr.

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