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December 04, 2020


Gerald Yeung

Good for Archbishop Chaput. But I still have an issue with the tendency of bishops in general to credit Biden for his support of "many causes and issues that do serve the common good." Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers' Party promoted a number of broad social welfare programs, but Catholic leaders don't give him credit for them, nor should they, because obviously his racist and anti-Semitic policies negate all of that.

tom faranda

Gerald, 100% correct. A quick google search will find pictures of German Bishops giving the Nazi salute. Sadly they also thought go along to get along was a good plan.

Catherine Adago

This seems to be a common practice, where a great evil is justified under the pretext that the person or party does does some "good". I am amazed when Catholic bishops or priests put immigration or the poor on the same level as abortion. Here's a clue for them ,the immigrant or the poor are alive and have at least some chance of change or opportunity. The baby is destroyed and has none. Biden and the democrats do not only support abortion, they enable policies that make it more frequent and available, so more human life is killed and more women have their lives damaged. It is incredible that any priest or bishop would give this man communion.

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