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August 27, 2020


Alicia Boland

Wasn't Sister Dede's talk wonderful. She had
truth written all over her face. Thank you for
sending this to me. I will forward to many,
and listen to it a few more times myself.

Soledad Haren

She did NOT have "truth all over her face". SHE IS A LIAR! 1) There is no "legislative agenda" that supports destroying life in the womb. 2) Trump the most "pro-life" President who allows Putin to put bounties on the heads of American soldiers, who cut CHIP for children, who put CHILDREN IN CAGES, many of whom died, who separated families, who gave Saudi Arabia weapons to kill 80 Yemeni children on a school bus, who killed 1,500 Iraqi women and children the first few weeks of his regime. Trump does NOT believe in the "sanctity of life". He called veterans who died in WWI & WII "losers and suckers". 3) Biden-Harris is NOT the most "anti-life" ticket. Biden is a Catholic. Neither Biden NOR Harris support INFANTICIDE, which is ILLEGAL in all 50 states. This woman is a FAKE CHRISTIAN AND A LIAR, A FALSE PROPHET USING GOD TO BEAR FALSE WITNESS. (Breaking one of the commandments on television.) Sister Dede is nothing but a LIAR and a disgusting TOOL of the REICH WING War Mongers. Trump advocates VIOLENCE AND KILLING. TRUMP IS A RACIST AND SEXIST ... yet this, fake Christian supports him? What did she get in return? YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL, SISTER DEDE. SHAME!

Soledad Haren

Trump, also, gladly does business with the same Saudi regime that MURDERED AND DISMEMBERED a journalist and US resident ... all so he can sell arms to kill people, yes, including children, SISTER HYPOCRITE, and because, according to Trump, the Saudis give him lots of MONEY, and he has a Trump tower in Saudi Arabia. What Christ-like qualities does Trump have? He assaults women, he's been accused of RAPE (even by his own ex-wife ... and others), he advocates violence at his rallies, supported a militia lunatic who MURDERED 2 people on the streets of Kenosha, he mocks the disabled, he mocks Gold Star families, he threw paper towels at people who lost their homes in a hurricane. He puts ASYLUM SEEKERS in PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT PRISONS, HE OWNS STOCK IN RAYTHEON!! He takes money from fossil fuel companies destroying the environment, when POPE FRANCIS issued an encyclical calling Catholics to care for the Earth because of the Climate Change Trump doesn't believe, and, oh yeah, almost 200,000 Americans have died because Trump did NOTHING but peddle snake oil during the ONGOING Covid-19 pandemic, and Trump and his REPUBLICAN SELF-ENRICHING band of SUCK UPS in the Senate are letting Americans lose their homes and go hungry by not extending PUA or the moratorium on foreclosures/evictions, and let's not forget the TAX CUTS FOR FAT CATS, which resulted in huge cuts to social programs while the rich get a massive tax break, spoiled brats can avoid an ESTATE TAX on money they didn't earn, and corporations can get away with paying ZERO taxes. Yeah, Sister Dede, what would Jesus do??

Soledad Haren

BTW, Sister Dede, Trump the disgusting rapist who puts CHILDREN IN CAGES, whom you called the most "Pro-Life" President IS PRO-DEATH PENALTY!! TRUMP took out a FULL PAGE AD IN THE NEW YORK TIMES CALLING FOR THE EXECUTION OF THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE EVEN AFTER THE 5 MEN WERE PROVEN INNOCENT!!! Trump and his toady William Barr are have been pushing to ramp up Federal executions, and Federal executions have resumed under Trump. Here, Sister Hypocrite, is this "Pro-Life" enough for you?


Oh, let's not forger our Kurdish allies whom Trump left to be SLAUGHTERED in Iraq/Turkey/Syria. The GENOCIDE of an entire group of people. Is that "Pro-Life" enough for you? Let's not forget that Republicans called for senior citizens to be willing to die to "re-open the economy". Yeah, die for Wall Street!!! What would Jesus do? I live in a large urban city, where I see what happens to unwanted babies: they grow up in homes with often one resentful parent who doesn't want them. I've seen 12 year-old girls pimped out by mothers addicted to crack on street corners. I've met men who've told me they were happy to live to be 30 without getting shot or going to prison. THAT is the life of children that are unwanted. They grow up in poverty and misery: a vicious cycle, one generation after another without hope, often without love. Trump and his self-serving GOONS cut social programs to help the very unwanted children Sister Dede pretends to save. "Pro-Lifers" are not Pro-life at all. They're pro-birth. They want a woman to have a baby, no matter what terrible circumstances she faces, then they offer NO HELP to either mother or child afterward. To be clear, "Pro-life" HYPOCRITES care about FETUSES, not living children. They don't give a DAMN about children once their born.

tom Faranda

Just for the record, a quick internet search shows that the writer Soledad Haren is a "freelance journalist" who seems to spend most of her time launching similar attacks on anything to do with the Republican Party. She operates in various venues, especially twitter.

Marie Dorie

Sister Dede Byrne speaking for pro-life is following Christ. We are expected to love our neighbor. Is she talking about abortion!

Endorsing a candidate is crossing the line to politics. Speaking at the RNC “is talking to the to the choir”. She should be talking at the DNC. What happen to separation of church and state?
Sister Dede why did you use the Catholic church to frame your talk. You were not talking for Catholics or the Church. You were talking for yourself.

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