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February 03, 2019



Wow. That was easy. Calm, clear, direct,& prayers for the victims. No hysteria. No doubt about church teaching on abortion, why church teaches it, and consequences.
We just had a letter read to us from Cd Dolan:
"I’m a pastor, not a politician, and as a pastor, I am obliged to challenge our political leaders, to urge them to re-examine their priorities, and to respect and protect the unborn baby in the womb as strongly and passionately as we should the undocumented immigrant, the single mom worrying how she will feed her family, our dying grandparents, or the poor struggling to make it."
He tells us he is 'obliged'....but hasn't challenged anyone but his flock. We are exhorted to show love, not bitterness.
He also misinforms everybody that abortion is an evil equal to not helping undocumented, single Moms, the poor.
Some cardinals should be wearing yellow, not red.
Thank you Bp Daly!

Catherine Adago

I really wonder what makes Cardinal Dolan tick? In this interview he talks about mercy and love. It seems the only people he has mercy for are the politicians who empower abortion providers to kill babies, right up to birth. The protection he extends to Cuomo and his ilk is sickening. By this man's twisted logic murder and not assisting illegal immigrants amount to the same sin in the eyes of the church. He is making up his own religion. A wolf in sheep clothing. Definitely! I find this interview chilling!

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