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December 23, 2018



This article missed=s the mark. It talks of reproductive health care. Abortion is the tragic destruction of a human life, it is not health care. A lie perpetrated against natural law and mankind to justify this horrible evil. The pitch is similar in nature to the lies of Hitler and the Nazis during their reign of terror. In addition, I seriously doubt that any of the women were in any danger due to their pregnancy. When will people educate themselves and open their eyes to this evil? When will more people stand up and confront this evil, and not accept what the agents of the devil, Planned Parenthood and its stooges, the bought and paid for politicians preach?
There are alternatives, adoption and Safe Haven, for those, who do not have the support and resources to raise a child. As Bette Midler sang, God is watching us.

Annem Mitchell

Operation rescue still alive, thank God. I pray for them

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