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January 01, 2018


Peter Lepre

It was a blessing to know Father Irwin and work along side of him whenever I was able... It was during his time at Most Holy Trinity that my Faith began to grow in words that are sometimes hard to express...His teaching on the Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist and of God's Love and Mercy is key to my entire life now... The time spent in front of Our Lord Present in the Monstrance every Friday was a saving grace in my life... His teaching on Our Lord, Our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph became pivotal in my understanding of God... I can go on and on ... The babies helped in the womb to the countless lives he touched are all changed because of Father Irwin's sharing God's awesome and profound Love and Mercy !!!

Edmund P. Riely Jr.

He was a good and conscientious priest, the kind you read about in books. He was my jail buddy at Westchester Penitentiary. His rectory was always open to his parishioners for coffee and confession. He was quiet, very observant, and quick. He had authority because he was faith-filled! May he see the Lord RIP.

Edmund P. Riely Jr.

We buried him in a blizzard out of Saint Augustine's in Larchmont. The Cardinal and twenty fellow priests were at his Requiem Mass, even in "white out" conditions. He died of his Parkinson's cared for by men, women, and children he saved from abortion, and by his loving family. Father Tom Madden gave the homily. His brother gave the eulogy. Regina Riely reinforced the choir from the pews. We miss him, he was a powerful force for goodness.

Eileen Peterson

May Fr. Irwin intercede for us to Defund Planned Parenthood. May his soul Rest In Peace. Amen

Rosemary Hunt

He was very charismatic and opened to The Holy Spirit. He helped the youth by giving ICTHUS retreats at the church. He preached beautifully and taught his parishioners about love for the daily word. We were blessed to have a spirit filled choir at St. Mary's Parish and lively prayer meeting under Fr. Irwin's guidance. I was blessed to have him perform my wedding ceremony and mass.

Rosemary Hunt

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