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January 26, 2017


Judy Anderson

Thanks to all who joined the Rally for Life. You are an inspiration. A special thanks to friend Regina Riely who faithfully stands outside this clinic every Saturday morning and has for years, in all kinds of weather. She prays and sidewalk counsels. This is not easy, but it has saved lives here and across the country.

Peter Lepre

Dear Regina, and all people who rally for life... Thank you for your constant witness in God's charity and grace... We now are in a time where we can see prayer works yet we have to continue to practice more than ever our faith... As Abbey Johnson has said many times we have to be the face ,hands, feet of Our Lord in loving our brothers and sisters who are in error... I am encouraging Catholics at this time to spend more time with Our Lord and rediscover our faith and improve wherever the adjustments have to me made... This is why we have just ended the year of Mercy... Yet we must continue this great gift which God has given us, in only this way will we continue to make the change which is being made by all faithful people everyday regardless of their religious beliefs... Peter Lepre, Envoy for Mercy(MIC)

ellen a stone

thank you for marching for life. i pray that soon there will not be a need to march or rally for life. i hope that i am available to stand up for life at the next scheduled demonstration and thank you for sending this valuable information. thank you to the organizers and the participants of this rally for life and thank you for your courage and inspiration.

Eileen Peterson

You are our inspiration and we in Rockland pray with you and pray for a time that LIFE will be protected and defended and the wounds of abortion are healed.

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