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November 02, 2016


Catherine Adago

so called Catholic politicians like Tim Kaine, say they have a personal view on abortion and the Hyde amendment(no federal funding for abortions) which is in keeping with the sacredness of life, taught by the Church. Yet as elected Democratic officials they use their power to fund more abortions, make them more available and even make funding to very poor countries contingent on bringing abortion and sterilization into their societies. These pols are not in the same category as people who say they personally oppose abortion, but believe people should do as they will.By voting in the congress for programs that give millions to the abortion industry, by voting for laws that expand abortion and by voting for judges who deny state rights, by these and other actions, they are directly assisting the murder of the unborn. No religious in the Catholic church could possibly make a logical case that these actions are separate from their Catholic life. Please. no argument about the poor, the church has been instrumental in aiding the poor since its beginning.The poor should never be thrown in the face of the church. as some current leaders like to do. Guess what folks, the poor are alive and still have a chance. They live and breathe! No one is poorer and more helpless than the child in the womb. Thank You Bishop Murphy.

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