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February 20, 2016


Catherine Adago

You cannot take the most extreme circumstances and then use it as an example of the norm. Which is always a danger if the words of the Pope are taken out of context.The example of Pope Paul the SIXTH is an example of horrific circumstances under which a rare allowance is made. There are still unknowns regarding the ezikia virus.
Artificial birth control has brought and still brings a great deal of danger into women's lives. Young women become sexually active long before they normorally would. Some experience infertility, stroke or even death. Weight gain and Std's are not uncommon. I believe this is a dangerous door to open. Sometimes a great voice of authority leaves certain thing unsaid and in this case concentrates on measures which would eliminate this problem, such as cleaning us stagnate water and yes, even bringing back the use of DDT. When you look back on the facts many intelligent people will tell you the controlled use of DDT saved millions of lives and decreased much suffering. It's removal from the market was based on politic's panic and not fact.

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