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September 01, 2015


Judith Anderson

Take time to read the comments following the linked-to article. This ruling challenges some aspects of the up-side-down, Alice Through the Looking Glass world we live in. Equal protection. Yes. Imagine, defending the pre-born human child and not seeking to be party to his or her abortion/abortifacient death is considered "sub-standard" coverage, while insurance coverage that promotes the sub-standard and gruesome dismemberment and sale of body parts and other fetal atrocities conforms to high HHS standards? Sad.

Judith Anderson

Let's take a poll. How many post-abortive women would say the care they received when they went for an abortion was of high quality? Let's face it. Abortion hurts women in so many ways. Enshrining it under the law or forcing insurance coverage of it cannot change the nature of the act.

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