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July 02, 2015


Dr. Elizabeth B. Rex

Excellent! Thank you so much for posting this great commentary by Fr. Barron. Words of wisdom.

Bernadette Harris

Fr. Barron, brings up some very interesting points from past histoy to present day with Love and not hatred but the truth to this day still is not welcomed.

Peter Lepre

We have much to learn from history whether it was good or bad yet we see in that, truth is always something to be championed,however unfashionable it might be... Thank you Father Barron... Peter Lepre

Catherine Adago

Father Barron offers the best of Catholic wisdom. He sees events from a larger historical perspective and is not swept away by the emotions and propaganda of the moment. His point about interracial marriage which is continually brought up in this debate, is an accusation that is not applicable. Marriage is a union between man and woman no matter what race, color or creed. this ruling sadly, will hurt among others, the most vulnerable in this society. Sure wish our Pope would take a break from global warming oops! I mean "climate change" and speak out forcefully on this issue. thank You Fr. Barron.

Eileen Peterson

When you violate natural law, you violate God's Law. Thank you, Fr. Barron, for reminding that God Will trumphs the Supreme Courts.

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