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June 18, 2015


Catherine Adago

I am happy to read this as I found the initial information troubling. My problem with climate change (alias, global warming)is that there is no room for debate. Anyone including scientists are labeled "deniers" and attacked in other ugly ways. Sorry but this is by far not the most important issue we have to address. We have genocide going on in the middle east and Africa. People including women and children are being tortured and degraded beyond imagination. In my opinion the leader of the Catholic Church should be one pointed in regard to this suffering. President Obama the leader of the free world has not lifted a finger to help or even firmly address suffering Christians. Yet, our Pope will pay him a visit. I am glad the Pope addressed abortion in regard to global warming but a lot of people who love him- ON THIS ISSUE- strongly link abortion sterilization and birth control to a "better planet" How sad.

Arlene Hamm

Arlene H.

Judith Anderson

Well said, Catherine. There is very little reported on this aspect of the Pope's encyclical. It is so fundamental that it must be ignored! Also, I have no problem with the Pope visiting the President. Hearts are often only changed one-on-one. Ronald Reagan with so many world leaders comes to mind.Our upcoming LifeNet issue will focus on leadership.Watch for it.

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