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February 25, 2015


Sean & Toni Gallagher

May He & his wife Rest in Peace. They are receiving their Just Reward in Heaven.

Dr. Elizabeth B. Rex

We have lost a great defender of innocent, unborn children. But he and his wife helped raise up a new generation of dedicated leaders. May they truly rest in peace.

tom faranda

Truly wonderful people. They never talked much about it, but the Willkes arranged for literally hundreds of adoptions.

Judith Anderson

Another great loss for the pro-life community on earth. LifeNet's print edition posted about his wife's death in 2013:
Barbara Willke – Beloved wife of Dr. John Willke passed away in spring of 2013 in Cincinnati. A pro-life trailblazer who made contributions in her own right as a nurse and administrator, mother of six, grandmother of 22, and foster mother of several teenagers, she and Dr. Willke co-authored 12 books and internationally popular audio-visual aids on human sexuality and abortion. Their 3-volume history of the pro-life movement is yet to be published. They would have been married 65 years in June.
(Let's hope that 3-volume history gets published!)

Eileen Peterson

I am sure Dr. Willke is being surrounded by all the holy innocent ones that St. John Paul II tells us "are living with the Lord" and interceding for us before the throne of God.

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