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October 04, 2014


Fanny Caiazza Logiudice

Father Benedict, Has touched so many in so many ways, a true follower of Jesus Christ, he is an example for all of us to imitate. We have lost a great friend and teacher. Let us carry on his good work.

Father Benedict rest in peace.

Catherine Adago

I know my first impulse is to be sad at Father Benedict's passing. Yet, we know that the world is such a better place for his being with us. I beleive it is a jewish saying, His life was a blessing to us all.

Bernadette Harris

I will remember him with GREAT kindness. and his having Europe's most active Pro Life Priest, Fr.James Morrow, of Humanae Vitae House in Braemar, Scotland, on his Sunday Night Live Program hosted from Dunwoodie in Yonkers!
Bernadette Harris
Gerry Forstrom

Patricia Harris

Father Benedict was a priest for the everyday person. He always spoke plainly and clearly and always with a little humor. "WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT"..

tom faranda

A true son of St. Francis. And he died the very day Francis died, October 3rd!

Eileen Peterson

We have a powerful intercessor in heaven that we can all pray to so that the most vulnerable among us, the poorest of the poor, can be protected. There will be many babies saved because of Fr. Benedict Groeschel's prayers. Rest in the peace you have been so justly rewarded for I am sure Our Heavenly Father said"
Welcome home my good and faithful servant".

Anne Mitchell

He's interceding -- in Heaven -- for all of us in the pro-life movement.

Elizabeth Rex

How many thousands of us all around the world are now united in mourning the loss of Fr. Benedict, while at the same time thanking God for the many years we were blessed to have him with us. Fr. Benedict, thank you, rest in peace, and please pray for us!

Michael Pallister

Truly a devoted son of St. Francis. May he rest in peace

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