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January 18, 2014


Marie Colabella

God gives life and takes life. We have no right to play god. I will pray you see the light.


The Liberals have no respect for this country or the Bill of Rights. They are liars when they say people should be tolerant or accepting as they do not believe in it themselves. They are very discriminatory in who they are tolerant of - Occupy Wall Street gang had rights but the conservative group have none. Gov. Cuomo should not be given Communion when attending a Catholic Church - his words are heresy when he believes in a death culture especially for the unborn, etc. Someone should tell him that we have not yet reached the point where if one holds a certain viewpoint then they should live in certain states that hold and live by that viewpoint. That is called balkanization of states. Gov. Cuomo does not believe in diversity. What an extremist he has shown himself to be. He obviously does not represent all the people of this state. I hope Conservatives get together to show their disgust in his beliefs and policies by way of a peaceful march in Albany or contacting his office by mail or phone. And most importantly, conservatives should not be voting for him into office or any other politician that holds these views.

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