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January 20, 2013


Eileen Peterson

Thank you for braving the cold and witnessing for LIFE with LOVE!

God bless each and everyone of you!

You are truly LIFESAVERS!

Judith Anderson

Home of the Brave!
God bless you for continuing to witness against sanctioned death aimed at our children in the womb. Why is the violence done to our children in their earliest stages of life - via grotesque saline burning, fetal dismembering, chemical poisoning and late-term partial-birth, skull puncturing abortions and post-birth infanticides - acceptable in our nation and state? Where is our President's concern for these children? Where are our citizens? Where is Gov. Cuomo?
The Governor screams wildly at us about shooting a deer, but is silent on 40 years and 55 million violent unborn deaths, while promoting more abortion carnage by pushing passage of the New York State Reproductive Health Act! A sad, sinful disgrace!
I never could understand an entire nation's silent condoning of one monster's death wishes. Now I see how it happens.

Judith Anderson

Correction - The NYS Reproductive Health Act is now being referred to in truth as the "Unlimited Abortion Act". Let's all refer to it this way as well as RHA when writing or speaking. Thanks, Alan, for the aka wisdom and suggestion.

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