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October 18, 2012


Howard Shaw

Dolan is a democrat party first catholic. His authority in the pro-life movement is tainted. His teaching authority is compromised. All future actions, homilies, letters, teaching and position will forever be marked with the importance of good food, good smokes, good booze, a good photo op, and good jokes over the millions of innocents slaughtered, traditional marriage and religious freedom. God help us when our shepherds act this way. "Hey Dolan did you here the one about the worst anti-Catholic and anti-religious president who always supported every possible form of abortion, and did everything possible to further gay so called marriage that the Chief American Cardinal invited to the famous photo op dinner against his own Church's pro-lifers and those faithful to the Magesterium? Wait thats not funny, in fact its so so very sad.

Tom faranda

Dolan is a major disappointment. And I'm being generous.

Joy Dechiario

It is now up to us to storm heaven with our prayers.

Eileen Peterson

While our Cardinal laughs the night away and delights his guests with his quick wit, 3,300 babies will have been slaughtered in the womb. When will Cardinal Dolan come to a Helpers of God's Precious Infants Vigil, Life Chain or stand one hour at a 40 Days for LIFE?

Bernadette Harris

Cardinal Dolan You are Sending the Wrong Message! You want to make peace with the Wolves instead of fighting them off to save the Sheep!

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