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July 04, 2012


Joy Dechiario

Thank you for the clarity of your statement. We must
go forward now to enlighten
those who perhaps do not pay close attention and would once again waste their vote. The next rally must be huge so that they cannot ignore us.

Eileen Peterson

This is a time where all people must unite with one voice to save our country. Our Lady of the America, pray for us.


estela reveles

I personally am so relieved that 30 million people will now have access to affordable health care, even though the Supreme Court is still leaving a big loophole to sabotage this urgently needed pro-life measure. since the church hasn't focused its efforts on making affordable health care a priority, we have an imperfect, but better than nothing solution.

Greg M.

Thank God that more vulnerable families and children will not be shut out of good, basic healthcare. Hey, maybe this is how the cruel joke of "trickle down" might actually manifest itself. "The best healthcare system in the world," but in reality only available to a segment of Americans, will benefit more of your and my fellow citizens.

John L

This law is typical of what our government is capable of. As usual, our elected members of Congress and our President, present us with a law that is seriously flawed, financially unsound, and does not come close to addressing the real issues. This law, which will allow panels to decide in the future, what is good and bad medical practice, what a joke, is not even a band aide, does not address the real issues. Yet there are those that applaud it, as if it is a major achievement. This law will provide 1950's era medicine with 2012 costs. Already certain life saving cancer tests, have been deemed to be of no value. Yes,
By one of those panels. I cannot wait for the panel that tells me, you are 65, you can no longer have this or that life saving treatment. Great law! Great job congress. Well, it is not just the BO man that must be defeated in November, it is also anyone in congress, who is uu for re-election, who voted ,for this outrageous piece of legislation.

Judith Anderson

The Roberts' ruling has proved to be junk food for the Obama ego. This week he let his guard down big time and revealed again his true ideology and vision - the most non-American ever - with more divisive class warfare rhetoric. Only two weeks after celebrating America on Independence Day, the President's insulting comments to business leaders, and the hardworking men and women who run businesses of all sizes, are startling to hear. He tells them that their personal efforts to succeed are of no worth and no thanks to them. The government gave them their success!
The human dignity bestowed by our Creator on each of us to achieve and thrive as individuals before God is lost in Obama's soft-core (for now) socialist nirvana where the Government rules all and individuals serve not themselves and neighbors needs, but the omnipresent State that makes all things good happen. How can citizens listen to this propaganda and not shudder? Perhaps the hope of payoffs and exemptions are dulling their pioneer sensibilities.

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