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July 12, 2012


Tom faranda

this is an excellent article; problem - it's 17 pages long. If you hit the link the gist of it is on the first page

"Using state-level data on suicides from the period 1987 to 2003, we find that
the adoption of a law requiring a parent’s notification or consent before a minor
can obtain an abortion is associated with an 11%–21% reduction in the number
of 15- through 17-year-old females who commit suicide. In contrast, the adoption
of a parental involvement law is not associated with a reduction in the number of
older females who commit suicide or in the number of 15- through 17-year-old males
who commit suicide. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that parental
involvement laws represent an increase in the expected cost of having unprotected
sex, and, as a consequence, serve to protect young females from depression and
what have been termed “stressful life events” such as conflict with a parent or an
abortion. (JEL I18, I10, J13)"

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