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May 18, 2012


Robert Florin

This is great news, as county legislator Jim Maisano said in his statement there are many flaws in this bill and also it is unconstitutional.How could anybody vote for this?

Whitney P.


Sister Mary Anne

Praise the Lord! Thank you Mr. Astorino

Eileen Peterson

Planned Parenthood using the Village of Spring Valley tried to stop pro-life people from praying on public property and LOST IN FEDERAL COURT. The taxpayers of Spring Valley had to pay court cost which amounted to thousands of dollars-
Here is the story:


Pro-life Clients thank ACLA for Result in Spring Valley Civil Rights Suit

SPRING VALLEY, NY: As already reported (see story below) ACLA’s lawsuit against Spring Valley, New York on behalf of Catholic pro-life activists Father Francis J. Samoylo and Richard Bruno has been settled in a major victory for the pro-life cause.

Following repeal of the unconstitutional ordinance at issue, which banned all public assemblies without permission of the Town council, Father Samoylo and Mr Bruno expressed their gratitude in a letter to the Association:

"The unconstitutional repealed ordinance was directed towards us in an attempt to intimidate and have us discontinue our peacefully praying the rosary on public property outside a Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill asking for Our Lady of Guadalupe’s intercession. Prior to engaging your superb legal team, pro-bono, (free, without cost)… we were very concerned with possible legal consequences. Your Christ-like demeanor and superior professional legal advice quickly removed any anxieties we were experiencing… renewed our courage and strengthened our resolve.

“The unbelievable speed with which you accomplished this despite your existing heavy caseload was truly remarkable. Both Father Frank Samoylo and myself are extremely grateful for your excellent advice, patience, reassurance, time and superior work in drafting that awesome 26-page legal brief that was submitted to the court and was instrumental in our victory.”

Commenting on the outcome of the case, ACLA chief counsel Christopher A. Ferrara said that "it was a privilege and a pleasure to provide effective representation to these two exemplary Catholics. This is what ACLA was created for."

Thank you, County Executive Astorino, for knowing that was an attempt by the bullies at Planned Parenthood to silence free speech because the choice of LIFE hurts their monetary flow and YES, it is only about MONEY!

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