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March 06, 2012


Catherine Adago

Obama is modeling his administration after the government of communist China. They allow the Catholic church to operate within strict parameters, and even pick bishops when they do not agree on a choice.Obama used this same method in the last election. He found a really left wing priest and used ultra liberal catholics to venture into the church.Publications(America)like these give a voice of authority that undermines church teachingswhich the president and his people cunningly use to diminish those who stand for Christ.

Tom faranda

Catherine, that's a GREAT point. In China the officially government-approved Catholic Church is the "Patriotic" Church. The Church which refuses to allow the government to name their Bishops is really an underground Church. We are heading towards having freedom of worship in the USA (just keep it inside the Church, one hour a week), but NOT freedom of religion. Quite appalling.

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