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February 11, 2012


Joe Giardina

"We will soon learn," wrote Dr. Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, "just how much faith is left in faith-based institutions."

tom faranda

Great quote Joe.

Catherine Adago

"Long ago", back in the l960's the Catholic Church was about the last man standing in regard to birth control.

Mary LaFramcisRN retired

Trusting the wisdom and providence of the laws of nature and the God of Nature! Otherwise there are consequences and prices to pay!

Catherine Adago

continued-many thought the church would abandon their "archaic position". Considering all that was cast aside with Vat.2, the stand on birth control stayed. Natural family planing evolved.Which thousands of couples pratice within the church today.It has given women an awareness of their fertility and a real sense of impowerment.Most important it creates happy marriages and an understanding of God's gift of life.The Churches courage to stand up and take a truly unpopular stand in the 60's and in 2012 has brought into public awarness and to the awareness of many ignorant catholics, our countries most beautiful principle. Freedom of Religion.

Sister Mary Anne

We have to give thanks to Paul VI for his courage in writing and promulgating Humane Vite, which unfortunately was not received very well. Had there been unity this may not have been such an issue.

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