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February 26, 2012


estela reveles

There are hundreds of thousands of americans suffering because of lack of health insurance. Many more who face economic devastation for health reasons. Health care is a basic right. Instead of demonizing the only political party that tries to take into account the welfare of the underprivileged, as opposed to pandering to the extreme right in order to further the interests of the super rich, we should try to see how to work better with it, despite our differences.
estela revelesw

Terry Anselmi

Wake up America. Obama & co. have a master plan of manipulation of the American culture and it will involve the destruction of our treasured freedoms. Bravo to the pastor for telling it like it is.

Tom faranda

Estela there is more than one way to provide healthcare, than the Obamacare way. And when did pregnancy become a disease?

Eileen Peterson

I truly believe that we are at a critical time in our Catholic faith in America. Pray, fast and believe that God hears every prayer. We will not be forced to commit sin.

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