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January 20, 2012


Eileen Peterson

This is another reason why the Obama administration must be defeated in November and why the American people must educate their neighbors just how our religious liberties are threatened.

Mrs. Patty Richards

Where is the choice in this? They want the freedom to choose whether a baby lives or dies but take away our rights by legally requiring our hard earned money for health care to pay for things that we find morally wrong. This is not a choice, it is a bribe that says if you want health care you have to pay for the procedures that violate the fifth commandment. This is wrong and Americans must sound the battle cry that we have had enough. Stop killing our children.

Rosemary Hunt

I'll Pray!!! alot

Eileen Peterson

If ever there was a time to rally to protect our religious freedoms, this is it. May the curse become the blessing and may we elect a new president that believes it is wrong to impose their immorality on the American People of Faith.


We must pray, pray, pray and fast. God help us if President Obama is not defeated. Onward Christian soldiers. Sister Mary Anne

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