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December 13, 2011


Sister Mary Anne

God bless all those who witnessed last night and Our Lady Gaudalupe for her intercession.



Patty Richards

Thanks be to God, Our Lady of Guadalupe and all the wonderful people who spoke so brilliantly.
Patty Richards

Dick DeLorenzo

You could feel the influence of the Holy Spirit within the legislative chambers last night. Prayers, Our Lady of Guadalupe and all the pro lifers helped. Thanks be to God.


A big public thank you to God and to Our Lady! Might it not be significant that this horrendous bill was voted out of committee on Our Lady's feast of the Immaculate Conception and then re-assigned to committee on her feast of Guadalupe?

Eileen Peterson

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosarians had a Mass at St. Francis of Assisi (Rockland County) at 12 Noon. We put all of OUR PRO-LIFE work under her protection and direction. We prayed for our brothers and sisters witnessing in Westchester and especially asked all attending the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to pray Our Lady of Guadalupe to come to you immediate assistance. HOW GREAT IS THE POWER OF PRAYER! EVERY VOTER MUST KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT PLANNED PARENTHOOD- THEY ARE PREDATORS THAT'S SINGULAR MISSION IS PROFIT- HENCE- P.P."PROFITABLE PREDATORS"

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