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October 27, 2011



Keep up the great work Rockland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eileen Peterson

We in Rockland County believe with all our hearts and souls that Our Lady of Guadalupe is going to close Planned Parenthood.

Their hours have been cut back drastically and the office has a very high turn over rate.

Please pray with us that all the young girls influenced by the evil agenda of Planned Parenthood will come to know the truth:

They are being used and exploited for MONEY.

Even if we all could say every day this simple prayer:

"Our Lady of Guadalupe, Please Close Down Planned Parenthood"

the dream of a Planned Parenthood Free Society would become a reality.

God Bless You and We Love You.

Sister Mary Anne

Rockland thank you for your witness urged on by the love of God and his little ones. God bless you!

Rosemary Hunt

Love this prayer. I will say it often,to shut down planned parenthood. Thank you ister Maryanne for posting it.

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