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January 23, 2011


Dick DeLorenzo

What a great experience, to share in this vital pro-life March for Life. We are praying for success in the National March for Life and for passage of HR3, HR358 and HR361 dealing with life issues

Eileen Peterson

We know of one sad story of a woman during our last 40 Days for LIFE begging for help to save her grandchild from the Mamaroneck Abortion Mill in White Plains. Thank you for praying for it is the prayers that heal the broken hearted. Below is the story:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010~ Day 21

Today, we remember the 4,000 babies that will die before the sun rises tomorrow.

A call came into where I work today. A woman was in the cemetery at St. Anthony's In Nanuet.

She had been given my number.

Her daughter-in-law had an abortion scheduled for 9am in Mamaroneck.

This grandmother was weeping for her grandchild that would be executed in the name of "choice".

Money was not an issue. The woman kept begging for prayers over and over.

At first I wanted to leave work immediately and go to Mamaroneck and try to save this baby.

I knew I had no clue where I was going and the time was just before 8 am.

I called a priest and begged for prayers.

I called the Sister of Life and asked for prayers.

Then, we prayed. We prayed for a miracle. We prayed that this 28 year old woman would change her mind and not go through with the abortion.

9 am~ In your mind your wondering if anyone is praying outside. Will they be able to call out for LIFE?
"Keep telling your daughter-in-law she is already a Mother" The Choice is whether her baby lives or

dies" I said over and over to the grandmother of this baby whose life was about to be taken.

The grandmother called me back just after 9 am to tell me her daughter-in-law answered , listened
a little and then, turned off her cell phone.

How many babies must die?
How ripped apart all of society is because we have played God and snuffed out our greatest natural resource for money and power and control of our own destiny.
We have killed because of fear and shame and revenge.
We have said not THY WILL BE DONE, BUT MINE.


Thank you to all those who witnessed outside our prayer site today in Spring Valley, New York.

Where we pray there is a large pole that hold the street light (number 40) and on the pole there are some medals that have been placed there.

This one in particular gave such comfort as I prayed and my heart was breaking for all those who believe that abortion takes care of a crisis pregnancy. ( I was looking at an angel)

We know the truth. Women are so destroyed by what was suppose to be the answer.
What do we say to women who now know that one choice can never be reversed?


For Life,
Eileen Peterson


In the arms of the angels is deeply moving. How my heart aches. I have to pray, fast and give. God help us!

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