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January 04, 2011


estela reveles

unfortunately, most of these republicans are prolife in name only. they don't care about the misery and suffering their heartless policies that benefit only the rich cause to the rest of us, including poor single mothers. estelarev

John Lally

Hopefully, that is good news for the unborn.

But it 's sad that there could be 12 more pro-lifers in the House, if SBA had not targeted and helped defeat 15 pro-life Democrats, only because they voted for the Health Care Bill, which SBA claims includes taxpayer funding of abortion - a point on which experts differ.

In any case, according to SBA's own Election Night Scoreboard, when you check the Congressional districts involved and do the math, 12 of the 15 pro-life Dems targeted and defeated were not replaced by pro-lifers http://www.sba-list.org/scoreboard.

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