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September 15, 2010


Jeremy Sellis

Joe DioGuardi has the experience and the right message to New Yorkers that we have a problem and it's education, jobs and fiscal reform & responsibility. Stop the puppet show and send Gillibrand's bags packing!

Did you read the latest article by Joe in Real Clear Politics?

"I am ready to go to Washington and tell them what they need to hear - not what they want to hear. That's what the people want, that's what the people need, and that's what the people will get, if they put me in the U.S. Senate."


Jeremy I agree with you 1,000%. The only political campaign my wife and I ever worked on was Dioguardi's run to try and get back in the Congress around 1992. He's a great guy. Pro-lifer's need to do everything they can to get him elected.

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