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April 27, 2009



good for her!
a sane voice in an insane world!


I love it.

When you read her letter to ND, you realize that the University was trying to manipulate her as a balance to the Obama decision. Did they expect her to present the prolife position at a commencement?

Crazy. Jenkins needs to step down.

Judith Anderson

Mary Ann Glendon - salt of the earth.

Joy Dechiario

Thank God there are still
those who are not afraid to
stand by their convictions.
Those voices are being
muffled by the din of insanity. Joy

Jean Anthony

Let's pray that more Catholics in academia have the courage to follow her lead.

Patty Richards

I trully respect the sacrifice Mary Ann Glendon made. May her wise words of truth and justice echo far beyond the walls of Notre Dame.

Eileen Peterson

How wonderful Mary Ann Glendon sees right through manipulation and deceit.
She will not be used to silence the evil of honoring a man who is responsible for the bloodshed of innocent babies~ President Barrack Obama. Yes, we still have people who will not look the other way when evil is taking place. God Bless Mary Ann Glendon and God Bless the United States of America!

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