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March 25, 2009


irish 93

None of today’s “outraged” protesters had much to say when pro-choice, pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-torture Condoleezza Rice spoke at Notre Dame’s commencement. At least President Obama agrees with the Catholic Church on most of these issues.

Support the University’s decision. Sign the petition:




"Irish 93" you are dissembling. Obama is pro-death penalty; Panetta made it clear tht the new administration would take whatever steps necessary to extract information to prevent a terrorist attack. I suggest you read the Bishop of Fort Wayne's statement on ND's woeful decision. It's posted on this blog.

Judith Anderson

From the "fighting Irish" to the "capitulating Irish" - a sad state.


These types of silly rantings just show that despite all of its claims to be such a great academic institution, the majority of ND grads are apparently single-minded fanatics who do not welcome a civilized, intellectual debate on issues. The sign of an educated person is the ability to debate and defend their positions without verbally attacking not only the views of an opposing side but the person themselves. ND grads are marginalizing themselves and their school with such childish attacks.

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