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November 05, 2008


Dr. Frederick F. Guida

Because pro life people always compromise we are left with no way to stop the killing from a political perspective.
Similar condition already exists in other countries, IE Spain.
Primary fault I feel is that of the Bush administration sidelining conservative party with their neoconservative ideologies instead, and the Catholic church which refuses to enforce in house rules to flush kerry kenedy catholics out IE offering the eucharist to Biden, pelosi,Juliani, etc, and giving platforms for abortion approving politicians to speak, IE the obama at the Alfred Smith dinner just prior to the election. And sitting with the Cardinal as an extra insult. I hope the archdiocese of NY made good money there because my conscience forbids me to not contribute any longer to any of their causes. There are plenty of orthodox, non compromising organizations where I can donate my tithe.
Situation seem to me to be similar to that of nazi Germany, where the pope and magisterium boldly forbade support of Hitler but the local clerics said voting for him is alright as long as it is not done for his eugenic policies. Some also rationalized it would be alright because you never know when he might convert. Magical delusional thinking and an outright state of denial if there ever was one and very similiar to what we have now considering that even the majority of in our religious orders voted for the obamessiah.
Most Catholics would favor abortion no matter what because they always need the convenience of it being there as a default option when contraception fails and because most of them are bigots and like the way it decimates the minority populations,IE more babies were aborted last month in the b
Bronx than were born alive.

tom faranda


You are ohh so right about the failure of the Bishops. it takes them 36 years to figure out tht politicians promoting abortion should refrain from communion? Shameful. They may have to do some tough explaining, come Judgement Day.

Judith Anderson

The Church's inability to speak with a united voice will hurt the unborn and the Church itself in increasingly painful ways in the months and years ahead. You have two factions each involving clergy, lay, religious, intellectuals, teachers of religious education, Catholic organizations (KofC)and operating with different views on what is acceptable Catholic teaching on abortion. It is a "let's pretend" environment that calls on some to be quiet so as not to cause "divisions" - as if they did not already exist! A house divided indeed.

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