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August 29, 2008


Eileen Peterson

No doubt about it! This wonderful woman, Sarah Palin, is the answer to the Cenacles of Life, the 40 Days for Life, and the Life Chains prayers and fasting and all those faithful prayer warriors that continue to believe that God is in control and will send even greater goodness where there is great evil. Alleluia, praise the Lord, right where we are! GO, SARAH, GO!!!

judith anderson

Remember when the purchase of Alaska was referred to as Seward's Folly? No doubt the Dems will paint McCain's pick as another act of "folly". Bring it on! But who would have planned that the candidate to best highlight the prolife cause would be Barack Obama? God's ways never cease to amaze me! Sarah Palin's mere presence in this campaign will speak volumes about his (and Biden's) views on abortion, infanticide and dignity of life issues, as well as a true feminism that embraces, not rejects life. The PR powers cannot ignore her - how sweet.

Greg Maher

From NBC News's "First Read":

Looking Like An Ordinary Politician? On Monday, the papers were full of stories about how Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. Also yesterday, we found out that Palin worked for a 527 group organized by Ted Stevens, who is now facing trial on corruption charges. Then came the news that she has retained an attorney for that Troopergate ethics investigation. And finally is today's Washington Post story noting that Palin employed a lobbying firm to secure earmarks -- which are taboo in McCain World -- for Wasilla while she was its mayor. More than any new revelations about her daughter, the bigger drip-drip danger for the McCain campaign could be more signs that Palin begins to look like your average politician. If you think you've heard that that line before, you have. It's how the Clinton folks tried to brand Obama during the primary season, to no avail. But if the person the McCain camp has branded as a outsider-reformer no longer appears that way, that could be a problem. It doesn't matter how well they explain away each little issue. It's the bigger "she's just another pol" picture that could make all the other issues regarding the pick become a problem.

tom faranda

I actually just posted the Washington Post article about Palin securing $27 million in federal funds for her town on my weblog.

This is not a big deal in my view - didn't she have an obligation to do the best she could for her town as mayor? If the money is on the table, are you saying she shouldn't have taken it?

Seems like pretty thin gruel to attack her on...


Greg Maher

The money wasn't "on the table." She hired and paid a consultant $120,000 to go get the money. These funds are known as "earmarks." She actively sought them. Now she's totally against such funds. That's called flip-flopping. I recall a candidate four years ago being excoriated for being a flip-flopper.

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