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May 15, 2008



After seeing the very recent vidio of so called "father" Fager, the until very lately head of "Catholics for Obamba", nothing that this group supports would surprise me. The man is so full of hate, it literally reeks from him. These people commit the worst kind of usury.They use the poor and the suffering of war to promote there agenda. Notice, that when the Pope visited, he did not condemm the Iraq war. The people of Iraq had no hope under Sadam. They are now seeing the possibility of hope and democratic society. In this country we have a poverty of education but who allows that to continue? Democrats have been in control of New York for years and years. The schools exist for unions. Who, by the way, support pro "choice". The next step for the abortion lobby is to allow people other than doctors to perform abortions. They want to take it up a step. A huge step. As Pope Benedict said, everything good flows from the sacredness of life. You cannot be Catholic for anything and support an extremist such as Mr. Obama.

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