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May 31, 2008


Gene Cosgriff

What disgraceful decision by the California Democrats. They are the party of the "Culture of Death. I wonder if they would pass a death law penalty for criminals sentanced to death by a judge for committing murder and being convicted?

Gene Cosgriff

Dehydration & depriving a person of food is "cruel and inhuman punishment." You wouldn't allow an animal to die this way. What is the matter with the Democrats in California? They are just proving to the rest of our country that they are part of the "Culture of Death."
It started with the killing of the unborn and now "Euthanasia?"


Having cared for critically ill, I recall one patient whose appearance would make you want to puke- she degraded to 48 lbs as she struggled with esophageal cancer- choking daily- seemingly would die or stop breathing for several minutes and then gasp and come back- on and off for 9 months beyond her 2 week prediction to live. She said to me that she was only 71 and had a friend who was 98 and that IF she could only breathe easier she didnt mind the pain~ 2 hospitals refused to trache her.The 3rd hospital did. She then lived another 9 months and during that time set her affairs in order and instead of dying in terror, made piece with God and died comfortably in her sleep....The point is that when we see those who are suffering, it offends us in some ways and then you get those of shallow mindsets that say" If I am ever like that pull the plug" or "She'd be better off dead"..[playing God anyone?]...Having had several near death experiences where I was in fact resuscitated and did see that bright light to the left as I felt my being exit my own body into a state of non feeling thought looking for comfort... I know that when it comes down to it, NO ONE wants to die [like no Atheists in foxholes]...but some one looking on decides they dont want to deal with the reality of keeping someone alive on a ventilator or with artificial means, citing the person afflicted is trapped in their own body_ well come hell or high water if God [who has the power over life and death] wants to take someone, no mechanical means will prevail...That being said, it is our duty when given the privilege to render aid to the sick and dying -- to prolong their lives by any means at out disposal...The current day, politically seeming correct, deluded self centered mindsets of many, wrongly assume the rights of a god and kill in the name of mercy actually kill out of self convenience. Such people will have to give account before the Great White Throne judgement of God despite their votes to say killing the disadvantaged or disabled who can no longer speak on their own behalf is or becomes 'legal'.. mercy killing is still killing and killing another human being deliberately is MURDER!.. I fought to help dying people live til they were comfortable to die.Depriving hydration food & comfort is torture and inhumane treatment.Just because the person may not be able to respond is no reason to kill them when so many medical advances have been made that can help keep a person alive.Terry Schiavo wanted to live as was proven by how long she clung to life as she was slowly murdered! I would never pull a plug on anyone nor would want a plug pulled on me~!I spent 3 months in the hospital critically fighting gangrene and won and am glad to be alive.I was asked to sign aLiving Will DNR and refused.They should be outlawed not made law.We should always choose live for ourselves and others~!Ave Hurley

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