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May 11, 2008


regina riely

Governor Sibelius' veto and her facilitating Kansas abortions up to this time, manifests her legal and moral responsibility for the death of more babies than any single abortionist including Tiller the Killer. Since the greatest cause of death in pregnant women is homocide, this female governor is betraying her own gender. She refuses to grant them legal protection from jealous ex-husbands, husbands, boyfriends, or any predator who'd rather see the pregnant woman dead than the baby born.Sibelius reminds me of some mythic monster that eats her own children to increase her power. Imagine having greater power over the number of mutilated and burned fetal babies'corpses and scarred mothers than Tiller the Killer and the rest of Kansas' abortionists combined!Excommunication is the least sanction Holy Mother Church should slap on her and the rest of the politicians that murder enormous numbers of fetal and embryonic children by their votes!

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