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May 20, 2008



It sounds like Archbishop Chaput made the big mistake of giving these prochoice people a quote from his own lips to the claim of membership in the church and voting for Obamba. Remember Obama is an extreme supporter of abortion. He voted as an Il. senator to deny medical care to babies who survived abortion. Yes, this sometimes happens. Even New York State does not deny these infants medical assistence. So dear Bishops be very clear when you are speaking and do not be so foolish to utter or write words that can be used to elect extreme abortion canditates,who would make this practice even more available. Its not about being "nice", its about being smart.


See what abortion has done to Europe , China and Japan. They will have many economical problems because of killing their own people. Some of them are starting to realize this. You can't play God, it never works.Trust in God and remember these unborn babies were given to mankind for the good of society. These souls are precious gifts.
Don't throw them away.

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