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April 06, 2008


tom faranda

This Rally was not reported on by the local Gannett newspaper.


wow...looks great!
ps send me the picture of just the hand and the sign..I want to use it..



Theresa, we will send it to you.


Great work Tom.

Joy Dechiario

Another great job. We need to be visible in the communities. It is a great way to keep the cause in the minds of all.
Thank you. Joy

Colleen Barry

Great Photos. I was there and event was excellent with great thumbs up response from passengers in cars going by and other drivers hunking and waving. From 4-6 on a week day that was a great response and there were many that called that couldn't make it but wanted to come.LIFE.

Alice Lemos

I wish I had been there! What a great rally! Where was Stewart Cousins hiding? This is a vile and dangerous bill. Spitzer is gone and this bill must go also! This bill puts women's lives in danger.

Joanne L. Capone

Thank you to all who attended the rally to support human life and oppose the draconian bill which would allow the wanton killing of NY unborn children at all stages of gestation and on demand including the utilization of unqualified health care personnel and perhaps the forced use of Catholic facilities to offer abortion on demand.

Joanne L. Capone
Vice President
NYS Democrats for Life

Executive Director
Capone De-Simone Institute for Peace and Social Justice

38 Harrogate Square
Williamsville, NY 14221
[email protected]

Eileen Peterson

Alleluia. What a powerful witness to Life with LOVE. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your unselfish witness. Thank you for not being afraid to "GO TO THE STREETS AND PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL OF LIFE". Please pray for our Catholic politicians that they come to know the most basic protection for any of their constituents is their RIGHT TO LIFE and the most vulnerable among us who only want to LIVE are the helpless unborn. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and reach out to our politicians with so much love and keep reaching out until the slaughter of the innocent and that innocent blood shed is no longer apart of our American Law.

Rich Byman

What a wonderful rally. Congratulations to all who followed Eileen Peterson's advice: "GO TO THE STREETS AND PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL OF LIFE".

Also amazing is the absence of coverage by the Journal-News. However, had they repoted on it, they would have been negative & biased.

Anne Brasino

God blessed America & HE blesses those who organized and those who participated in this rally, as well as those who could not be there in person but were there in prayer & spirit. The women and babies at risk, thank you for your efforts to protect the sanctity of their lives..for the outreach and assistance provided to keep them from making a devastating decision they would regret for life. Thank God for you who represent the light in the darkness - for being the intercessor between the Law making bodies and the victims.

How any legislator can introduce and/or support any bill that provides legal destruction of life and calls it health care that protects woman's rights; excludes the protection of any unborn child & puts the mother's life at risk, needs an epiphany; a change of heart; a heart to give courage & support; to always do the right thing.

What lessons are being taught by legislators when they determine by law it is OK to kill your own baby; that the life of the baby is worthless. If a baby's life is considered worthless, why would the mother believe a legislator consider her life worthy?

Life is given by God, and the RIGHT TO LIFE, is provided in our BILL OF RIGHTS. There is no Liberty and Persute of Happiness if Life is snuffed out. The Legislators and the anti-life groups know it they just won't admit it. Thank God they were not our forefathers.

Folks, pray for the legislators; for their conversion.

Now, where next Tony?

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