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April 29, 2008


Mary Teresa

Mr. Weigel is right that the onus in this situation is primarily on the soul that presents itself to receive Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is not a question of being in agreement with a particular bishop or even the Pope. It is a question of being free from sin, and so able to receive God in a clean, pure vessel. To do otherwise is a sacrilege. Once a public sinner decides to commit this very grave sacrilege in front of millions of people, faithful and non-Catholics included - and in the case of these celebrity politicians who openly oppose the Church and a number of fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ, this becomes a VERY public scandal of international proportions - then the bishop in whose jurisdiction the sacrilege occurred has an OBLIGATION to take corrective action. Ideally, of course, mechanisms should have been in place to prevent these atrocities from taking place. They weren't, but now we need to support and encourage Cardinal Egan to take the strongest measures he can, not only for the benefit of the souls who committed these terrible acts, but also, and perhaps especially, for the benefit of the faithful, who are all watching the situation very, very closely.

Mary Teresa

Let's not forget, either, that New York State Governor Paterson also received Holy Communion at Yankee Stadium. Gov. Paterson is apparently a Catholic by birth, but his current religious status is unclear and his office refuses to respond to any questions on this issue. He is worse on the abortion issue than Mr. Giuliani. He has received the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Parenthood, and is a fanatical supporter of the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act (RHPP) in NYState which would cement the legal right for abortion through 9 months of pregancy in the state with or without Roe v. Wade, make abortion a "civil" right, allow underage girls to legally get abortions without the knowledge or consent of their parents, force all CAtholic hospitals to perform abortions, among other things. Gov. Paterson has publicly announced that he has had many affairs, and he is also divorced and remarried, though he married his second wife in a Protestant church. It is unclear if it was the Pontiff who gave the governor Communion, or another priest nearby, but he definitely received Communion at the solemn high Pontifical Mass at Yankee Stadium.


God can change hearts; look at Bernard Nathanson.

Stan Tomkiel

The Cardinals and Bishops correctly state that they have been pronouncing Church teaching for years. Cardinal Egan claims Giuliani violated "an agreement" with him (not a metion of the desecration of Jesus' flesh). Now, after Robert Novak's courageous article, they give the appearance of shock that obstinate, unrepentant politicians thumb their nose at the Church, and worse, give sacrilege to the very Body & Blood of Christ. Well a few sayings come to mind, like "Actions speak louder than words" and "Faith without works is dead." What these clerics have to face is the reality that while they cloak their cowardice (after 35 years we can't deny that's what it is) in "pastoral concerns" the incorrigibles are flipping them the middle finger! And giving widespread scandal, so that despite all the "pastoral concern" for the blood-stained politicians, about 70% of the laity, don't even believe in the core tenet of Catholicism, the Real Presence, and a majority support legalized abortion! So much for the pastoral approach. We need our episcopal leaders to start teaching with actions instead of hollow words: serious, meaningful actions as authorized by Canon Law to stop the deep erosion of the faith -and the slaughter of the innocents - in America. The time for courage and fortitude is long overdue.


I still think Vatican 3 is long overdue.

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