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April 28, 2008



what about his divorces???? sheesh!


This could be an important precedent - and it's good that the rebuke was to a Republican, so the Church cannot be accused of playing politics to help Republicans against pro-abortion Democrats.

William Monti

The list needs expansion.


As usual, Rudy is just trying to show that he's the one wearing the pants.

Catherine Adago

I am glad that Cardial Egan spoke up. I do not think he speaks out enough, to put it mildly. However, lets not be too harsh on the Mayor. He has done a lot of good for N.Y.city and although he has had problems with his former marriage, it is clear his faith means a great deal to him. Yes, he does have to wholly allign himself against the evil of abortion. I, for one pray that he will.

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