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February 18, 2008


Patricia Sutton

I don't remember a time when any pro-life/respect life group I have been a part of wanted to "criminalize" women. In fact,as a pro-life chair I am concern with women's rights regarding abortion and how those rights are ignored. Clinton's response was elementary and argumentative at best, but what else can you expect from someone incapable of coming up with a new or original rationale for on demand abortion or any abortion for that fact. As a former President of the United States and the spouse of a presidential candidate I would expect a more educated and researched response.

tom faranda


"... I would expect a more educated and researched response."

Well, Clinton wouldn't be pro-abortion/prochoice then, would he?

Eileen Peterson

God Bless those wonderful students who showed up because they are the SURVIVORS OF THE CHOICE THE CLINTONS PROMOTE. President Clinton should never confuse what is legal with what is right. Evil cannot stand it when it is confronted by the truth. Keep showing up you wonderful pro-life people where ever the Clintons are!!!!!!

mother Bonnie

Let me see if I've got this right. Somebody can correct me. Bill Clinton claims he has done more to end abortion than anybody else in history, but his welfare "reform," opposed by both the Catholic Bishops and Sojourners (Protestants), cut every bit of support to desperate women -- medical care, child care, everything. And not an iota of responsibility to the fathers. Of course, then the Bush administration has been giving money hand over fist to abusive men (so-called father's rights) so
it's an interesting problem, isn't it?
What Bill Clinton demonstrates in his tirade is his complete ignorance of the relationship between abortion, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. As the mother of a DV and SA surviver, I know a little bit about this. I reckon Billary don't . But who knows?
Stop the violence, stop the killing, protect the moms and kids, from conception to whenever. DUUHHH! Is that so hard? I guess so.
Mother Bonnie


"an accessory to murder"

Wow, he actually admitted it. He acknowledges that abortion is MURDER.

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