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November 07, 2007


Catherine Adago

This is not a surprise. Young womens fertility is the big business of the western world.Childbirth, the true completion of a womens sexuality,is completely disassociated with the act of sex. Women are used(knowingly or not)and then damaged or worse, trying to protect themselves from that use. The best way to keep someone stupid is to convince them that they know everything. Which the media and feminists have suceeded in doing to women. Meanwhile the suferring continues. Young women especially, need to wakeup and not continue, like sheeps on the way to the slaughter. Go back to the roots of your religion. If you are Jewish return to your orthodoxy. If you are Catholic or Christian read John Paul's Theology of the Body.Every women should read the information from the Couple to Couple league, based in Cinn. Ohio. It is time for women to come out of the wilderness,and live lives that are filled with the health, happiness and joy of their womenliness.

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