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October 05, 2007



I guess I am not surprised but I am disappointed. I had actually decided in the end not to go...

Too bad they did not speak to those suffering after abortion. It is so strange to me how we are left out of the debate, as if we were just "things" or something and could

Also too bad they used "extremists" instead of some of the articulate wonderful women I know in the movement..(hey Judy..that is you )

Still, I hope it changes some hearts....


Theresa: I saw the movie and was highly disappointed. The only powerfully pro-life "arguments" was the showing of the baby after an abortion (the pro-aborts can no longer claim that the pictures of dismembered unborn babies are fake) and the woman at the end. I don't think anyone could leave that last scene and say that abortion is good for women. That poor woman was in so much emotional pain. I don't know if it was intended to give that message, but it did. Abortion hurts women. It exploits them. Unfortunately it's true that most of the anti-abortion people portrayed in the film were unbalanced and extremsists and that it did not include post-abortive women. But that last scene was very powerful and telling. Those open to the truth saw the pain of women who abort their children.

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