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September 05, 2007


William Monti

Did you ever wonder what gave Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot and their like the OK to destroy life ?

It is the very thing organizations such as Planned Parenthood and their members profess to the public with our money. That is what makes killing so very easy.

Await the triage of the elderly when medical costs get to high.

Ask Mrs. Clinton and her kind how the government is going to decide who lives and qwho dies under her medical plan.

Remember the eugenics folks and thier aims.

I wonder about some of the folks who so easily support abortion and yet cringe at the pogroms of Stalin and the ethnic cleansing of Hitler.

Judith Anderson

Where are the women's voices condemning Planned Parenthood's clinics for their criminal, deceptive tactics concerning underage women? PP is now arguing that they cannot afford (!) upgrades to clinics to give women better and safer health care and treatment with their abortions. Is this profitable "not-for-profit" about to ask for even more tax dollars? Wake up people and see this organization for what it truly is - a scourge on society! This puny minority of racists and eugenicists have managed to convince others through legalized abortion, especially minority communities, that they are a legitimate and professionally run medical practice, not in it for the money. Amazing!


Good post.

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