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August 24, 2007



a good and faithful servant, and well loved by his family. what more could we ask for in this life.


Wish I had known about this. Jim was in Valhalla with me in the late 80's!

and of course, I know the Herlihy's and Dag.

If you have an address please pass it on. I would like to send my condolences.

Makes complete sense that he would die on the 15th..I am sure Our Lady escorted him to heaven! Great man!

Geraldine Forstrom

Remember Jim and Carol as familiar faces at Operation Rescue attempts to save lives! Later had the pleasure of meeting Colleen and attending her wedding with Tommy Herlihy; both great prolife heros as well! My sincerest condolences and prayers are with the Syversen family! Sorry I could not attend the services due to a family emergency. Love and prayers, Gerry F.

Richard Maddox Combs II

I have a great digital picture of my Uncle Jim Syverson from 2005 and would be glad to share it. Please send information so I can email it to the appropriate person.

Richard Maddox Combs II

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