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May 03, 2007



After many years of teaching, I can assure you that there is always an unspoken message being sent out to a class. If a teacher is training the kids in condom use,etc.
then the message is that somehow premarital sex will somehow "work out OK."
Unfortunately, it ends up destroying lives in more ways than one. There's no place for that"message" in any school.

Eileen Peterson

What do you say to the young ladies dying of cervical cancer and if they make it, who will be infertile for life all because they followed the sex education teachings, used the pill and condoms and wound up in this hellish nightmare. There is no condom for the heart and Planned Parenthood is the number one predator of our children. Protect you children. Talk to them about those who make a fortune and a killing from their sexual activity that will leave them with a broken heart.

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